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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 10:33 pm
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 God help me, I write my Susan/Teatime fics with two maps, the L-Space wiki, and the New Discworld companion all either open or near at hand. If I were not dirt poor I'd probably buy the ebooks so that I could have them with a search function, too.

All for you, dear fellow shippers. All for you.

(But seriously, I'm insane. I sit around and try to figure out how long it would take a mail coach to get to Lancre, and wonder why nobody seems to know. My only comfort is the fact that it's a lot easier on the nerves to be this kind of insane about Discworld fic than it is to be this way about Crusade fic, which is the other fandom where I get all Everything Must Be Exactly Right. Not only is there more material to work with, there is an audience for the fic besides… me.)
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